Geolocation test - Could never find me though! :D

So the geolocation is fairly simple to use - just handle two callbacks(success and failure) and you're done. And with the success call back you can do all sorts of interesting stuff - like pin pointing the location on a map or stuff. The present page uses geo.js api which integrates various geolocation apis within itself and you don't have to worry much about the fallback options.
Ofcourse the code would work better if you have GPS chip on your device. This one here simply outputs your latitude and longitude, if it's able to find it, that is.
And oh yes - this page does not have any music also(in case your browser supports it). Sorry Raunaq!
Applications - Literally thousands of applications can be geolocation based. We don't have that much page space. Lots of applications are there up Gaurav's sleeve!