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Fun with Canvas - Whiteboard Example

Whiteboard - Er...Not exactly white :D

So on this we have a canvas example and also local storage. I did not use SqlLite because it is almost obsolete now( that w3c does not recommend itanymore!). And yes, ofcourse, there is music for the soul.
How to use - Simply click on the 'I feel like drawing !' button below to activate thecanvas. Pick your colors and start drawing...Yayee ! One more thing, if you have drawn something and you invert the background then the canvas will start afresh. Well, this issue is known to me. And if you choose to erase something then do not forger to 'Redraw' in order to resume your drawing. You can save your drawing locally and all saved drawings for this particular page and this browser will appear as list beneath the canvas.
Now I am not a UIdesigner or something(and believe me its a job that demands patience, experience and lots of css know-how) so the list of drawings that appears is actually interactive. If you click on the drawing name then that particular drawing will appear on the canvas for you to edit! Also if you click the delete link that appears next to the drawing name deletes your drawing. And if you click the 'Clear Local Storage' button then all drawings will be deleted at once. Note that your drawings will persist even if you close the browser and reopen your web page.
Applications - Well, there are no serious applications. I just made it for the fun of it and because one of my friends likes to draw! But then on the other hand you can have hand drawn icons or something.
Another application that I am thinking is something like you'd be able to draw your frames and charaters and select intervals between them - and viola! you've got yourself a small animation movie.
And I'd also like to try out some stuff with SVG

For some unidentified reason local storage is not persisting on firefox