The purpose is purely fun

Hey there ! This site\these static pages\whatever(lol) was created out of sheer excitement for html5. Whatever you see\hear\feel is all html5. This is meant to be an experimental setup for exercising html5, css3, javascript APIs - basically all things client side and a few other stuff as well. And yeah, let's call it a homepage as well. And in that spirit let me give a short intro. I am Kumar Vaibhav or kv or Panghal. I am just a regular computer science guy who likes to read, write, learn new stuff and code. In general I am interested in anything related even remotely to computers - technology no bar.
On this page - lots of new html5 elemets like article, section, header, footer, nav, doctype( and browsers don't care about it as such). And ho yes, there is this audio element too on this page. It's pretty cool. Basically, I am streaming in .ogg and .mp3 files and whichever your browser supports will pe played. You can pause the music using the 'Stop Music' button and resume playing by 'Start Music' button. The 'Change Music' button starts to play another song. There are about 13 or 14 tracks at the moment. Hey Raunaq, one of your guitar recordings you sent me is there too. I hope you don't pin me down for copyright stuff(...or something like that). "So wash your face away with dirt. It don't feel good until it hurts. So take this world and shake it. Come squeez and suck the day. Come make me miss u. GO CARPE DIEM BABY !!" YO !
There are a lot of small javascript apps that I'd want to build so and put up here. If anyone of you wants to get started on them then let me know here. I'd like to help building them and put up here for my own public display of Also comment here about this homepage.
Also I've learnt a lot(of bad things about my coding styles) through this exercise and it's also a great way to keep yourself busy.

Works best in Firefox 4 and above, Chrome 6 and above, Opera 11.11 and above, IE 9 and above. Not tested on Safari