Look Ma, Video !

I have not provided proper fallbacks!There! I've said it and it feels good about saying the truth. So it wasn't that hard. There are fallbacks in case video element is supported or even flash is not supported(...and hopefully they should work! lol) but in case something is supported and the browser is still not able to play the stuff then these fallbacks fail! My fault. Just being a little lazy, thats all. So, if there's a .mp4 video and since firefox 4 and above support html5 video but firefox doesn't play .mp4 videos natively...so the video simply won't play since I have not provided any other fallback for it.
So, on this page you see html5 video on action. If browser supports video element then you'll probably see different players in different browsers since I have no used any player as such. So the browser uses it's built in player. Now one can 'css' it to provide the same look and feel in all browsers but I didn't take the pain. There's some css3 also in action here! If the browser has CSS 3.0 engine then you'd be able to rotate right, rotate left, zoom in, zoom out and reset the video element. Have fun !
And oh ! By the way! - I really love these videos....motivational and all.

Al Pacino giving speech Rocky Balboa gives his sonny a lesson on life Dhirubhai, Gandhi, Tendulkar, Gates
Michael Jordan gives kids a piece of mind Watch Tyson erupt in the end Rocky's mentor