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Kumar Vaibhav

Hi there!
My name is Kumar Vaibhav and I am an engineer with a reputed software firm here in Austin, TX(US). My interests include Big Data, Data Science, NLP, ML, statistics and algorithms. On the technology side, having worked with Java, .Net, Hadoop ecosystem, javascript, R, et al., I'd like to call myself technology neutral. Like most engineers I also like to learn new stuff and keep myself updated.
My work till date has involved building software products for Capital Markets/Hedge Funds, building a Performance monitoring framework, making text matching algorithms, Spell Correction algorithms for the US Healthcare market, Person Matching Algorithms, some prediction models and lately I've been working on building the Big Data Platform for my current firm, apart from the regular bug fixing/feature building 'software engineer' stuff. I am also in the process of publishing in the field of Natural Language Processing having built a Single Document Text Summarization algorithm.
I also have three dogs!

And if you're wondering why the url says 'panghal.com', well that's my surname which is not officially part of my name :)
Building things that are of value to folks around me, building things that bring revenue and direct value to the place I work are some of the things I like doing. Not a complete list but here is what all I find interesting :

  • Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem(Spark/AWS/S3)
  • Dot Net based technologies
  • HTML5/JavaScript
  • BI tools - R, SSIS, etc.